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For Gyms and Healthclubs we provide the hottest original Finnish sauna products for traditional rock stove saunas, infrared saunas and Combi saunas.

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Learn about the health benefits and how to use sauna the Finnish way – the right way.

Saunas will help You live longer

According to the researchers in Finland, saunas are thought to improve blood vessel function, 
exercise capacity, even lower blood pressure for those suffering hypertension.  This new study also suggests there’s an even greater benefit like a lesser likelihood of death from heart, attack, stroke and other heart-related conditions.  

The best way to detox the body

An infrared sauna uses dry heat in a compact area, which increases the  body temperature to the point where you sweat and release toxins from your body.  There are many health benefits to using an infrared sauna,  including increased circulation, quicker healing and increased metabolism.  These factors help to detoxify the body of toxins such as metals and chemicals accumulated from daily living.

Huge saving in electric bills

When using infared heating instead of continuous rock stove heating,  You will save a lot in the heating bills. Infrared heat requires less than half of the electric power in comparison to rock stove heating.  Using a week timer You can heat up the sauna 4 different times a day at preset intervals.

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Enjoy the 3 different Sauna experiences in the same space!

1. The traditional rock stove sauna with the heat of LÖYLY when throwing water to the stones.  
2. The new Infrared sauna experience while the infra heat
warms up the body and makes you sweat like never before.
The even heat soothes your mind and body when meditating. 
3.  The Best of both worlds
The heat from rock stove heater giving humidity to the space
and at the same time infrared heat warming up the body evenly 
and pouring the toxins out together with a lot of sweat.

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