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Infrared sauna heater

Health benefits

Expand hair vessels, increase blood circulation, and metabolism

Energy savings

Compared to an electric stove, you save 50-70% in electricity.


We offer a high-quality Finnish product with advanced technology.


Our company is proud to offer Duetto® infrared heaters for your sauna needs. These heaters are expertly crafted in Finland and meet all safety regulations set by the authorities. By adding Duetto® infrared heaters to your traditional sauna, you will have the added benefit of experiencing beneficial warmth. In a hybrid sauna, you can enjoy the use of both the stove and infrared heaters simultaneously, offering a unique and enjoyable experience. The benefits of infrared sauna therapy are substantial, including weight loss, muscular recovery, relief from aching muscles, and an alternative form of heat therapy. We are excited to provide you with Duetto® infrared heaters and help you achieve a healthier lifestyle through the comfort and relaxation of your own home sauna.

  • The Duetto® infrared heater for sauna is a unique Finnish innovative product
  • It can be installed in a sauna, bathroom, or dry space
  • You can use Duettos simultaneously with the sauna stove
  • The heating element is made of glass
  • The frame of the heater is made from a heat-resistant, electrically non-conductive specialty plastic
  • The heater is stainless, odorless, and safe
  • Soft and even heat throughout the entire glass area
  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean.
  • Fireproof, no separate electricity resistance.
  • Dust and water splash-resistant IP56.
  • Easy to install
  • The glass heating element doesn't emit the usual red light (infrared light is visible at 600-800°C)
  • The heater heats the objects that the heat radiates towards
  • Produce gentle precise heat whenever you want
  • Can be installed close to the human body
  • Expand hair vessels, increase blood circulation, and metabolism
  • Long lifespan

Installation and user instructions for the Duetto® infrared heater

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